Money – purchasing perception

Money – purchasing perception

            “When the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace”

Jimi Hendrix


       Our world is based on respect and service, or it used to be. I would toil away at something I loved or enjoyed and then, would trade my toils to you, for something you too, had produced.

Two cabbages for a dozen eggs or ‘something to that nature’

However, our perceived value of the product differed and Money was created to level the playing field. I really want what you produce, so instead of paying you in cabbages, which you might not want, I am going to pay you this much Money for it. This Money, came to me, by selling my cabbages to someone who really wanted them. The person who purchased my cabbages had also exchanged some of their wares for Money which they used a portion of for purchasing my cabbages.

Money quickly became used as a method for comparing the values of dissimilar objects.

Great, so far so good, really good idea. Only one problem, what “main controlling value” does the mass majority have in common?

For a time, it was tangible, gold mainly and then the “controlling value” encompassed gems, silver, so on and so fourth, but it was always something tangle. That was then and this is now and Flat Money rules the day, floating around on the clouds, not attached to anything concrete. Our Money sequence of value, and its balance, to our Life sequence of value, has vanished; we now trade our Life sequence of value for futures, a speculation of events or products that may or may not happen. We further extend our own Life sequence of value for things we do not yet own or have not yet produced.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the disparity which has now been created by this invention has seen the wealthy adorn their homes with gold faucets, gold toilets and any number of frivolous expenses while others of less personal value wither and die upon the streets.

A monster or an angel, what do you make it? How much cash in the pockets, how much in the bank, when’s that deposit coming in? Money, we have become dominated by it or have danced with it in the clouds, soaring to glorious heights.

Has Money has lost its reality? You do have to have it to lead a decently functional life in today’s society but is it real? Money and its sequence of value have become a commodity for sure, it is bought, leveraged, and sold. Today’s Stock Market is the most profitable sector on the planet! Money itself is gained simply by the movement of other Money, in a type of complex game. However, this extremely profitable game awards no productive merit for society today.

The main problem lies here, the Money sequence of value and its relation to the Life sequence of value. For example, we have all heard at some point about GDP (Gross Domestic Product) which is a term used to describe what a country produces for the domestic and/or international markets. GDP is a part of Money’s sequence of value which also includes things like, rates of inflation, consumer price index and the fabulous stock market.

We are told and believe that when the GDP rises so does Moneys sequence of value, which is true. We further believe that a rising GDP also supports the Life sequence of value by creating jobs and strengthens the economy, which is also true. However, some of those jobs created are a symptom, which points toward a cause, or in this case, a business where the employees work. The market demands more and supply rises up to meet this demand.

Now get this, in 2009, just a few years ago, Health Care made up 17.3% of Americas, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to the tune of 2.5 trillion dollars. As you might expect it has a positive effect on the Money sequence of value which in turn should correlate to an increase in the Life sequence of value, right?

Health Care, what does this sector, and these businesses represent? What is their product? Do you feel healthy when you think of doctors, hospitals, medicine and disease? Well possibly, if you happen to be a shareholder in one of the companies who has seen your investment increase, for the rest of us the answer is an affirmed No!

The Money sequence sees the new jobs, the growth, the profit. The Life sequence sees the pain, the suffering, the loss of life.

Maybe what we should be asking is how this value system balance, is managed by us personally. In America, the world of today, you can purchase a $100,000.00-dollar automobile to go from point A to point B or loose your life for merely just $1 dollar.

Big Money has turned into Big power; we have disassociated the “Money sequence of value” with the “Life sequence of value”. No longer do we have to engage in extensive physical, mental or emotional labor in order to craft a product someone else would want. No, now all we have to do is capture this Money by whatever means necessary and the more we have, the better off we are, it is just that simple.

Whether we like it or not Money has power over us, we see it all around and yield to it, celebrating its divinity like nature. No longer am I selling cabbages to you for some eggs, I am doing everything I can to gain wealth or simply survive, both existing simultaneously in our current reality. We as the whole human experience have changed, evolved, creating this sliding scale of judgment which has a play in every aspect of our lives.

“Life sequence of value” in relation to Money has steadily decreased to the point that we either A) plunder, pillage, cheat and steal or B) contribute value, make good decisions, save, invest and grow. Sometimes, it is C) a bit of both.

All the pieces go back in the box at the end of the game, we know this but do not believe it. Every second, every breath, every word written, could be the last thing you see in this reality. This is an absolute truth. However, it seems as funny and disconnected to write as it does to read. Life is truly a flip of a switch, one minute you’re on and the next, lights out. The balance between your personal “Money sequence of value” and your “Life sequence of value” can and does to a larger part dictate how long your “life switch” is in the on position.

From my unique scientific perspective, the balance formula is ((W+E)/S)=L where W is wealth, E is the environment, S is stressors, and L is longevity.

Ultimately, aren’t we all purchasing perception of a person, brand, product, emotion or effect which is, or might possibly in the remotest way, be produced for our benefit?

My first real introduction to this delicate balance of value, I learned some thirty years ago. That ominous night my uncle, asked my grandfather, for the money he was holding in his stead. My uncle Jimmy was unable or unwilling to manage his own Life sequence of value. Instead, Jimmy needed that Money. He needed to purchase the perception, of an effect, he desired. The scales were tipped and his Money sequence of value sat firmly bottomed out, a heavy weight which he could not move.

Unfortunately, for many persons involved, uncle Jimmy was also unable to manage his Emotional sequence of value. The love my Grandfather showed him that late night in December, resisting the pleading, the demanding, the hatred which spewed forth from this man he loved, cost him his life and changed mine forever.

So the story goes…

Love & Light


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