Emotional Realtivity

Emotional Relativity.

I love Einstein, it will be amazing to see what he accomplishes in his next go around!

One of my favorites of his is the Theory of Relativity, which is only a 100 years old.

Simply put everything is relative to the experience you are having at that moment in time.

A person’s experience standing on the ground reading today’s edition of the paper is exactly the same as the person’s experience on the airplane, you notice above. Both the papers are moving and both standing still. Well if our perception of time and movement – the mind part – is relative to our environment or experience, then would our emotions – the being part –  have a connection to time and movement as well?

Of course, things hurt less the further they get away, don’t they, or do they?

The universe dropped me a gift last week, a 1970 Schwinn Speed master bicycle, it was  made the exact same year I was. Gooch, that’s his name, he is black, tough and sturdy as hell..


(The Gooch)

This goochy gift started formulating a feeling, an idea of a meaning of time, in relation to, an emotion. I was a 46-year-old man riding a 46-year-old bike that was made in Austria, has rims from France and was imported by The Sears and Roebuck Company, just for me, right now.

I rode him around on three consecutive evenings, in the pitch of the dark, chasing Pokeman’s with some friends. The ride was hard having only three speeds but well worth it. The emotion while riding around was very welcome and interesting, carefree, boyish even. Gooch, seemed like an ole friend, he is all original, bought out of some antique shop in Florida, so he’s in pretty good shape.

What did I learn and how did I grow?

During my weekend with him, I learned that creation, sometimes, takes time. I could see the advancements in brakes and wheels on my buddies’ bike. However, with a time span of 46 years between us, there are still more similarities than differences. I realized that this bicycle was me, a representation of me. We had both been around for 46 years and have moved around quite a bit but now we ended up together. I appreciate the gift, thank you.


(LED lights on a church sign).

The inner growth was amazing, riding around on myself was quite the thrill.. Seeing that first person who bought it at the store on a day in 1970 when Gooch was shiny and new, just hatched. Where did he go from there? How many owners? The G-man is in great shape so someone had to watch out after him, didn’t they?

I think our emotions are kind of like the example of Gooch and I. We are connected to something distant but still part of us, interacting, with our current time experience, our present happening.

We are not continually present with, the now, not fully anyways?

Emotional Relativity is time, coming along for the ride. When we have an emotion about something we automatically reference it to something else, a similar experience, a self-belief, fear, or conditioning. This millisecond of subconscious referencing dictates how we are going to consciously perceive the situation and ultimately which emotion we choose.

Even if it is something you have never done before, a part inside of us needs to find the most similar or reference emotion, to the present situation and engage that emotion.

However, when we have conflicting experiences – what made us sad now makes us happy – the dominate preprogrammed emotion wins, usually. Our emotional bank has been crafted by our environment, right now, earlier, and before we were even born. Perhaps this emotional bank started being crafted even before, our parents were born. And then who knows….The good news is that you can change it, you can learn how to relink emotions so that they empower you to create the life you desire. Really, we all desire something, don’t we? I know I sure do.

So, Emotional Relativity, bringing past time to a current experience, determined to set its will. “The stronger the reference emotion has been built, over time, the stronger its impression onto the current emotion, relative to the present happening”.

Do you have an emotion overriding your present happening?

Is there moments in your life when you should feel happy but don’t? Maybe the happiness lasts for a while or it may fade off quickly into doubts. What, who or when do you think about when this happens? That, there, is your reference emotion.

If, why, how, we dare to explore this underlying reference emotion,  bringing this reference emotion closer to our present happening, healing the old and embracing the new?


(A church door for early educational development..I love this sign, we are all seed of our father, spiritual or otherwise).

For me, this recent weekend sprang forth a fountain of reference emotions of youthfulness joy. I was just a kid, riding around after dark, getting into mischief.  Eagerly I swallowed whole –  those – old – referenced, distant emotions, to my present happening and it felt so right.

‘Thank you again for the gift, I am so looking forward to receiving more, I am ready’.

Love and Light


“I believe I am an old soul, full of light, if I could only get my biological body on track and the mind to do the work which needs doing”.

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  1. Love the concept of Emotional Relativity….great find!! Wish I had read this post a few days ago to ask those myself questions when I needed it the most. Now I know.

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